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C|T Vinson are experts in helping legal teams present their case in the most effective possible way.

Dr Vinson is widely regarded as both the “founding father” of litigation science and the world’s leading expert in the field. He has founded three successful companies in the industry, two of which were acquired by NYSE-listed corporations.

Sir Lynton Crosby is an esteemed campaign strategist and Co-Founder of the C|T Group – which has decades of experience in polling, market research, and strategic communications, providing actionable insights and identifying behaviour changing messages.

All of our advice is based on objective, scientific analysis of how the facts, arguments, witness testimony, the law, and presentation strategies will persuade or fail to persuade decision makers.

C|T Vinson draws on proven insights from the social sciences to help our clients understand the underlying cognitive processes of key decision-makers such as arbitration panels, judges, or juries: how they think and why. Based on knowledge from the fields of psychology sociology and linguistics, we then advise clients on how to communicate in the most compelling way.

We are not lawyers and do not seek to duplicate their role. Instead we provide our clients and their legal advisers with a powerful set of tools that can give them the edge in complex and highly contested disputes where the costs of failure are unacceptably high.