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Our record of delivering research-based and empirically-tested advice stands alongside our history of developing new and innovative solutions.

C|T Vinson brings together Vinson & Company’s vast experience of litigation consulting in the US, under Dr Don Vinson, widely considered the “founding father” of litigation sciences, and the C|T Group, established by campaign strategists and researchers Sir Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor.

Dr Don Vinson is one of the world’s leading experts in litigation consulting and has experience in assisting individuals, companies, and governments with some of their most high-profile and high-stakes legal disputes. C|T Group has decades of experience in polling, market research, and strategic communications, providing actionable insights and identifying behaviour changing messages.

Our record of delivering research-based and empirically-tested advice stands alongside our history of developing new and innovative solutions across industries.

Our unique methodology is built on over 40 years’ experience developing successful strategies for global firms including:

Lloyd’s of London, Shell, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Qantas, IBM, Pfizer, Twentieth Century Fox, General Motors, Ford, ExxonMobil, American Airlines, General Electric, Dow Jones, Prudential, Boeing, Swiss Re (the World Trade Center insurance dispute), Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan in addition to governmental bodies including the United States Department of Justice, U.S Attorneys, Special Counsel, amongst others.

Dr Don Vinson

Dr Don Vinson has been at the forefront of litigation consulting for over forty years.

Dr Vinson has spent years innovating new practices and approaches in order to provide strategic insight and recommendations to legal teams acting in some of the world’s most complex and high-profile cases.

Dr Vinson’s work has spanned litigation, arbitration, criminal and civil jury trials and bench trials, amongst others. Notable cases have included the Oklahoma City bombing, the O.J. Simpson murder trial, and the World Trade Center insurance case.

Prior to developing the field of litigation science, Dr Vinson had a distinguished academic career, focusing on sociology and market research, where he studied the theories and methodologies of the social sciences.

As well as authoring numerous books and articles, Dr Vinson has served on a number of professional, educational and corporate boards, including as Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Legal Reform of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and as Commissioner of the California Commission on Judicial Performance.

Sir Lynton Crosby, AO

Sir Lynton Crosby is an esteemed campaign strategist and Co-Founder of the C|T Group – which delivers powerful, targeted solutions built on the foundation of research and insights into the highest levels of business, capital markets, government, bureaucracy and the media.

Sir Lynton’s intuitive sense of delivering results has been finely honed through years of providing high-level advice to prime ministers, premiers, opposition leaders and leaders of business.

In 1998 and 2001, Sir Lynton successfully pioneered the campaign for Australian Prime Minister John Howard. In the 2008 London Mayoral elections, Sir Lynton masterminded the campaign that saw Boris Johnson beat the Labour incumbent Ken Livingstone against the odds. In 2012 he repeated this success for Boris Johnson, bucking the Conservative Party’s national trend and securing him a further term.

In the 2015 UK General Election, Sir Lynton steered the Conservative Party to a historic victory. He took the party from a 12 point deficit, to a near 7 point lead – returning, for the first time since 1955, a Conservative Government with an increased share of the vote.

Dr Norma Silverstein

Norma is a Director of Psychometrics, Statistics, & Research Design and has more than 25 years of experience in the trial consulting industry. She has served alongside Dr Don Vinson as a litigation consultant in some of the most well-known trials in recent legal history. These cases have included Fortune 500 companies across the United States.

She assisted Daniel Petrocelli and his trial team during the O.J. Simpson civil trial for the Goldman family. She consulted on the Oklahoma City bombing case, in the case against the accounting firm Arthur Anderson, and assisted with the successful prosecutions of former Louisiana Governor Edwin W. Edwards and U.S. Congressman Walter Tucker. She has also consulted on and assisted in jury selection in capital murder trials for several State Attorneys General and has worked with the DOJ on civil rights issues, including the Len Davis trial in New Orleans. In addition, she has served on the faculty of prosecution training institutes including the New York Prosecutors Training Institute.

Norma obtained her undergraduate education at the University of Missouri, postgraduate education in Statistics and Psychometrics at CSULB, Ed.D. (ABD) & Ph.D. at USC and Psy.D. from California Coast University.

David Perlut

Dave has over 20 years of experience as a litigation consultant. He has been responsible for developing and presenting strategic recommendations for crafting enhanced, persuasive communications based on the analysis and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative research findings.

He has advised clients on how to engage with decision makers’ biases identified using multi-dimensional profiling models . He has evaluated and assisted clients develop persuasive presentational materials and resources. And he has created and executed sophisticated research methodologies, designed survey instruments and procedures, and managed all aspects of multi-phase projects for clients and their lawyers.

Dave graduated from Northwestern University with a B.A. in Psychology and Political Science.

Dr Katherine Vinson

Katie is a Senior Behavioural Scientist and has over 10 years of litigation experience and is a Social Psychologist with a specialty in group dynamics and decision-making. Her expertise is based on measures of decision makers’ attitudes, experiences, and behaviours which are used to develop prediction models. She has experience in major commercial litigation including the Lucent Technologies securities litigation, and contract matters involving CSX, DirecTV and Quest.

She also conducted research in patent and intellectual property matters for Monsanto and DuPont, and she assisted the government in the prosecution of Len Davis (New Orleans Police Corruption) and members of the Symbionese Liberation Army (kidnappers of Patty Hearst).

Katie earned a B.B.A. in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Psychology from Claremont Graduate University.