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Our Services

“Learn what works and what doesn’t before the hearing, rather than after the verdict.”

C|T Vinson supports lawyers and their clients to develop winning strategies in high-risk, high-profile arbitrations and other legal disputes such as jury trials, investigations and public inquiries.

Our state-of-the-art research is based on the application of established theory and methodology from the behavioural sciences. These are brought together to deliver a sophisticated and practical package to aid the development of persuasive legal strategies.

We are not lawyers, but have 40 years of experience in assisting lawyers and their clients in over 1,000 cases. We offer a powerful toolkit based on our expertise in psychology, sociology, statistics, research, and communications.

We test facts, themes and witness testimony and provide actionable insights and recommendations that assist our clients to develop winning strategies.

All of our advice is based on objective analysis of what will persuade or fail to persuade decision makers, and why.

Our services can be tailored to the requirements of different jurisdictions around the world.

  • Analysis of case strategy
  • Arbitrators’ psychological reactions
  • Evidence presentation
  • Witness persuasiveness
  • Damages assessments
Jury trials
  • Analysis of trial strategy
  • Jurors’ psychological reactions
  • Evidence presentation
  • Witness persuasiveness
  • Verdict assessments
Investigations and inquiries
  • Analysis of client’s strategy
  • Decision makers’ psychological reactions
  • Evidence presentation
  • Witness persuasiveness
  • Outcome assessments